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  • ThinkCap Advisors Team

Streamlining Student Signup, Purchase, and Onboarding with Zoho CRM

Updated: May 4, 2023

About the Project:


India’s Leading Education Brands (Edtech Division)




Centralize student signup’s, complete onboarding and paid conversion. Run a customer engagement program with focus on platform usage & subscription renewals


  • Zoho CRM

  • Ozonetel Contact Center Solution

  • Zoho Campaigns


Over 20,000 students onboarded with major improvement in platform usage, content consumption, subscription purchase and live class attendance.


The implemented solution provided greater visibility across the entire lead-to-sale and engagement journey.

Background and Challenge

Our customer is a leading education company impacting over 15 million students across the country. The company had launched a B2C Edtech platform providing learning solutions covering content across multiple subjects and formats. A digital campaign was launched across multiple channels to introduce the brand to students, eventually leading to free trial signups. Students were contacted to experience the product, attend live classes and buy the subscription. The contact center became the central engine to reach out to students and ensure conversions.

As the campaigns gathered momentum. It became difficult to:

- Manage the student signups and allocate them to agents for follow-up

- Measure campaign effectiveness

- Track the contact center day to day operations

- Complete student onboarding and paid conversions

- Effectively run the customer engagement program

Solution & Approach

Thinkcap Advisors CRM consulting services team worked with the customer and the digital agency to identify and implement a CRM and a contact center solution to centralize, automate, and track all student signups from multiple sources. They designed a lead-to-conversion process and a student onboarding and engagement workflow. After evaluating multiple platforms, the Zoho stack - comprising of Zoho campaigns and Zoho CRM was selected. Ozonetel was chosen as the contact center solution.

Key Solution Highlights

- Central database created for all signups

- Data allocation to agents automated

- Key engagement stages across student lifecycle tracked

- Ozonetel integrated with Zoho to automate the dialing process

- Data-backed measurement of agent and lead source performance


The implemented solution provided greater visibility across the entire lead-to-sale and engagement journey. Campaign effectiveness was easier to track, and investments could be prioritized. The conversion rate improved considerably, and overall student engagement with the platform improved. This resulted in greater platform usage and improved subscription renewal rates.


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