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Why choose us for Technology Consulting Services?

Optimizing operations and embracing new technologies is paramount for any business. We help our clients automate business operations with a range of technology consulting services and transform existing technology platforms to increase innovation, improve performance, and reduce time-to-market. All our technology consulting services interventions support our core consulting services and become the backbone to measure and significantly improve business outcomes.

We understand and assess existing business processes, evaluate automation potential, and recommend a milestone-based approach for technology implementations. As part of our technology consulting services offering, we also help with the selection of tools and vendors and collaborate with them for implementation. Post-implementation and go-live, we work with clients to enable adoption, track usage and measure the implementation success against the expected outcomes.

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Our Key Technology Consulting Services

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CRM Applications

We work with our partners on a suite of CRM softwares. CRM applications are selected based on key criteria of business requirements, pain points, budget, integration requirements and expected time of go-live. Our consultants and partners specialize in: Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) ZOHO HubSpot Odoo

Cloud Telephony Applications

We work with clients to automate calling operations for sales and customer support. The strategy elements include: Setting up the Contact Centre Building the process and KPI’s Implementing telephony applications covering Toll Free IVR Dialers Contact centre application for agents

Communication Solutions

Communication solutions are implemented to automate multiple use cases of lead generation, purchase completion, customer support, product adoption, product usage and information dissemination. The suite of applications we consult on include: Chat software include Bots on applications and platforms of Facebook and Whatsapp SMS and Email API’s Omnichannel communication solutions Email marketing solutions

Business Operations Automation

We have built an ecosystem of expert consultants and partners who work with us in implementing solutions to facilitate operations automation and business transformation. We help our clients implement business applications to digitize business functions of finance, H.R. manufacturing, compliance and distribution. The suite of applications include: ERP Software HR and Payroll applications Compliance tools including GST and E-Invoicing solutions Robotic Process Automation

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Technology Consulting Solutions

Clients we have worked with

At ThinkCap, we value partnerships more than delivery. We are proud to have partnered with some of the industry leaders for their growth, sustainability, stability and prowess. We have led, walked with and founded new markets for more than 100 brands in the last few years. Here are a few of them.

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