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Social Sector Consulting

Social Sector Consulting

In India, the social sector has been contributing to human life since time immemorial. Rapid globalization coupled with the increasing desire to improve quality of life at the grass-roots level has put the social sector on a track of reforms. Governmental initiatives are supplemented by efforts from Indian corporates, foreign NPOs, multilateral and bilateral organizations to ensure that maximum benefit flows to the targeted segment of beneficiaries.

While the involvement of multiple stakeholders has resulted in substantial funding for this sector, it has also made the policymaker introduce regulations to avoid pilferage and misuse of funds.

As a social sector consulting firm, ThinkCap Advisors works with corporations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at the strategic, tactical, and execution levels to ensure their social objectives are met. Whether it's advising on CSR initiatives or compliance with regulatory requirements, our social sector consulting services consultants work across the entire social spectrum framework.

Social Regulatory Consulting

The legislative regime for the social sector comprises of numerous laws, most of which operate in isolation. We at ThinkCap assist our clients in steering through the above regulatory maze so clients can concentrate on continuing their good work

FCRA Advisory and Compliance

Compliance with FCRA may become overwhelming for charities on account of stringent regulations. The ‘social sector consulting firm’arm of ThinkCap Advisors have extensive experience in handling the gamut of issues arising under FCRA

Entity Set Up and Compliance

Choice of legal structure is dependent on various factors such as funding sources, proposed activities, methodology of control etc. We at ThinkCap advise clients on suitable entity option keeping in view requirements of the client and other relevant parameters

Due Diligence and Grant Audits

Choosing an appropriate and capable delivery partner is paramount for the success of any social project. Our team of professionals assist donors by undertaking due diligence of implementing agencies and conducting grant audits

Impact Investment Fund Structuring

Impact investments are investments made to generate positive and measurable social and environmental impact, along with financial returns. ThinkCap Advisors can assist organizations in the area of impact investment by providing multiple services

CSR Advisory and Structuring

Our social sector consulting services experts, comprising of chartered accountants and professionals from the social sector, assist companies in meeting their CSR obligation by providing end-to-end support through all stages of the CSR life cycle

Social Sector

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