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Why choose us for Impact Investment Fund Structuring?

As the social eco-system matures, traditional charity methodologies are being supplemented by newer sustainable models such as green bonds, outcome-based funding, Program Related Investments (PRIs), social entrepreneurship etc. Stakeholders are now inclined to set up self-sustainable structures, thereby resulting in a paradigm shift in the entire approach to this space. With active participation from international organizations and inflow of foreign funds, the social sector funding is slated to achieve new dimensions.

Impact investments are investments made to generate positive and measurable social and environmental impact, along with financial returns. While the concept of impact investment is still nascent in India, it is gaining momentum as investors are learning the potential of this new investment form.

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Identifying the appropriate model for social sector funding, keeping in view the extent of regulations and the desired objectives

Setting up the appropriate framework/structure for social investment & obtaining necessary registrations/approvals

Review of term sheets/agreements from tax & regulatory perspective for proposed social investments

Undertaking due diligence of the investee entity from financial and governance perspective

Preparation and filing of statutory returns/reporting, as applicable

Our Key Impact Assessment Fund Structuring Services

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Impact Investment Fund Structuring

Clients we have worked with

At ThinkCap, we value each client relationship. We are proud to have partnered with some of the industry leaders, start-ups & innovative companies for their growth, sustainability, stability and prowess. We have led, walked with and founded new markets for more than 100 brands in the last few years. Here are a few of them.

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