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Why choose us for Indirect Taxes?

At ThinkCap, we offer Indirect Tax services & GST compliance services to help companies comply with statutory requirements. Our indirect taxes and GST consulting team closely work with clients to explore ways of optimizing their tax positions and help them stay ahead of the developments in the indirect tax space.

The indirect tax and related GST consulting services landscape has witnessed a paradigm shift over the last few years. While Goods and Service Tax (GST) became a reality in July 2017, it is still a ‘work in progress’ that requires many structural changes to become a stable system. As the government continues to address the issues faced by different industries, GST implementation poses several operational and technological challenges for businesses that had already been reeling under the pressure of the old indirect tax system.

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Review of agreements, arrangement and analysis of indirect tax implications

Identification of indirect tax impact throughout supply-chain for bidding and other purposes

Tax credit optimization

Diagnostic GST health check-up and risk mitigation review

GST compliance services including tax registration, computation and tax return preparation

Customs & Foreign Trade Policy assistance

Litigation and Audit Support

Assistance in obtaining refunds

GST consulting, selection of GSP and GST software

Our Key Indirect Tax Services & GST Compliance Services

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Indirect Taxes

Clients we have worked with

At ThinkCap, we value partnerships more than delivery. We are proud to have partnered with some of the industry leaders for their growth, sustainability, stability and prowess. We have led, walked with and founded new markets for more than 100 brands in the last few years. Here are a few of them.

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