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Why choose us for Entity Set Up and Compliance?

A social sector enterprise can be registered in India as a ‘for-profit’ entity in the form of a Company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Alternatively, it can structure itself as a not-for-profit entity in the form of a charitable trust, a charitable society or a Section 8 company. In addition to the above, a foreign organization would have the option to register as a branch or a liaison office in India.

Choice of the legal entity setup and compliance structure is dependent on various factors such as funding sources, proposed activities, methodology of control etc. It is important for an enterprise to choose an appropriate legal structure and be aware of the applicable tax and regulatory regime so that it can conduct its operations seamlessly and in an efficient manner. We at ThinkCap Advisors, support NGOs and non-profits in establishing the ideal entity setup and compliance structure keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors.

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Advising clients on suitable entity option keeping in view requirements of the client and other relevant parameters

Setting up the chosen entity option

Obtaining registrations under various regulations such as income-tax, GST, labour law etc

Obtaining tax exempt registrations for the entity

Undertaking periodic compliances under applicable regulations such as withholding tax return, annual income tax return, filings under functional regulations etc.

Amendment/modification in the legal set up of the entity

Accounting and MIS support and preparation of secretarial records

Closure/winding up of the legal entity

Our Key Entity Setup and Compliance Services

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Entity Set Up and Compliance

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