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CRM Trends to keep an eye on in 2022 in the Indian Corporate

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The backbone of business has always been customer-centric. For any business to run, there must be consistent service and gradual growth in quality to adhere to the ever-changing global business trends. CRM(Customer Relationship Management) has changed the course of how business maintains customer relations, by developing comprehensive solutions to improve both customer and employee experience.

The exponential growth in CRM consultancy firms empowered business departments, facilitating smarter consumer communications, and automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, has given businesses the edge that’s needed to win the new wave of business.

In 2023, where the corporates are on a constant lookout for new trends, here are some very important updates that we have curated, after extensive research and taking insights from experts around the world, to have on your radar to keep your business a much deserving boost.

01. Customer Experience as a Priority: in this day and age convenience is king. When it comes to CX, The company that’s easiest to do business with is ultimately going to win. Companies are customizing their CX to attract bigger brackets of customers, which have become a vital brand differentiator.

02. Self-Service CRM: or CSS as they call it, is widely used by all fast pacing businesses. With automation being deeply embedded in all CRM software, customers too have become self-aware and look up for easy and fast pipelines to get the results, without waiting for a service rep.

03. Internet of Things: the number now reaching billions for the integrated and connected IoT devices now makes it easier to get insights on customer behavior, makes it easier to focus where the service needs improvement, create more personalized marketing campaigns, proactively detect product performance issues and identify potential problems with customer satisfaction and increase sales.

04. Mobile and Social CRM: the pandemic made us realize that the remote accessibility of any service is a big necessity. This impacted a massive shift in the CRM culture. Now customers want easy and mobile access to services and also the social platform boom that we all are witnessing firsthand, we now know how important it is to build a personal and authentic connection with your customers and maintain a positive and growing social presence.

05.Artificial Intelligence: AI itself is a billion-dollar industry and it keeps growing. The inevitable integration of AI in CRM is poised to influence the industry. Top CRM consultant agencies use AI applications for services in Sales, Marketing, or Data, upselling the product plus identifying the underlying issues to improve customer service.

06. Voice and Conversational UI: With seamless integration of UI, it is not uncommon to see chatbots, which have started to evolve into voice assistants, transferring issues to a rep only in certain cases. All these keeping in mind to deliver faster, effective, to-the-the-point solutions to the customers.

07. XaaS: Everything as a Service: It is the next big thing. The business has started to compartmentalize any of its functions as a service and deliver it to the customers via subscriptions instead of an upfront cost. Makes it customizable and lets the customer choose if or when they need a particular service which has higher chances of profiting by gaining the customer’s trust easily.


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