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SAAS Marketing Strategy - Is Sales Kit still a part of your Marketing Asset Portfolio

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

What is Sales Kit?

I remember back in the early 2000’s I used to work with our design team to churn out brochures, datasheets, case studies and press releases. Get them printed & create folders or sales kits for our sales team to carry for meetings. Today we believe the culture of selling kit has diminished. As the world moves online, the concept of carrying a folder with printed datasheet seems to have gone out of fashion. However, as a marketing strategy services provider, we believe that a well-made sales kit (offline or online) can really aid prospecting & sales efforts by empowering the sales team to demonstrate the value proposition, drive conversations, establish credibility & close deals.

What Is a Sales Kit

A sales kit is a comprehensive collection of resources and tools designed to support your sales team in their interactions with potential customers. It equips them with the necessary materials and information to effectively communicate the value proposition of your B2B SaaS product or service.

Component of Sales Kit

As a marketing consulting firm one of our main goals is to work closely with teams to create, enhance and keep updating the sales kit. Key components of the sales kit include:

  • Collateral Materials - Engaging brochures, one-pagers, case studies, and whitepapers provide valuable insights into your SAAS product's features, benefits, and success stories. These materials help prospects understand how your solution can solve their business challenges.

  • Product Demonstrations - Include videos or interactive demos that showcase your SAAS solution in action. This enables the sales team to visually demonstrate the unique functionalities, user interface, and overall user experience, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

  • Product Comparisons – Although as a marketing consulting firm we are not a big fan of the comparison charts. In certain categories of SAAS products, they are prevalent. Comparison charts demonstrate feature differences between competing products.

  • Sales Scripts – A well-made sales script highlights the key benefits and value propositions of your SAAS product. These scripts can serve as a guiding light during sales conversations and ensure consistent messaging across the team.

  • Customer Testimonials & Case Studies - Incorporate testimonials and success stories from satisfied B2B clients. Real-life examples of how your solution has positively impacted businesses can be a compelling factor in closing deals.


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