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Integrated Marketing Strategy and Technology Solution for an Internet Company

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

About the Project:


Blue Collar Jobs and Skilling Platform




Build a marketing plan and technology framework for candidate and employer onboarding


  • Marketing Plan

  • Contact Centre

  • Cloud Telephony Solution

  • CRM software


End to end cycle of onboarding implemented. Over 100,000 candidates and 400 employers registered on the platform


Building and executing candidate and employer onboarding journey covering the whole cycle from awareness to registration.

Our client was transitioning from a brick-and-mortar business to an internet-based job matching and selection platform. We were asked to develop and execute an integrated marketing plan supported by a technology framework to facilitate the market launch of the platform, generate brand awareness & enable candidate and employer onboarding. Because the blue-collar workforce and related industries were suffering due to the Covid pandemic, the time was right to launch a platform that would connect workers to their employers. Our Challenge – Time was short.

To execute the project a team was created comprising of strategy consultants, UI/UX experts, a digital agency and technology partners. We started by defining the customer segments, the value proposition, key marketing assets and social channels for the brand. Parallelly a marketing plan was created around the selected digital channels with costs and budgets for each channel.

Google, Facebook, SMS and Toll-free were used to register job seekers. LinkedIn and account-based marketing were used for employer onboarding. Also, a week-by-week content plan was designed to roll out key messaging for the campaigns.

A contact center was established to help job seekers register. Operations were automated by implementing a cloud telephony solution and an IVR (toll-free). A CRM system was implemented to centralize candidate and employer data. This technology infrastructure became the backbone of the business and ensured that all information was captured seamlessly, with no data leakage or errors. Reports from the system aided in keeping track of agent and counselor performance.

The strategy went live from the drawing board to a full-fledged business operation in phases, with the first phase going live in 30 working days. The consulting leadership we were able to deliver to the client was due to our cross-functional domain expertise and a solid partner network consisting of a capable digital agency, a CRM implementation firm, and a cross-channel communications company. As of today, the platform and its business case have shown tremendous success and the organization has secured its first round of funding.

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