Budget 2022 for NGO’s – Simple tax regime or onerous requirements?

The income tax segment of the Finance Minister’s Budget speech 2022 was one of the shortest in recent years and most of the amendments appeared procedural. However, challenges were lurking in the fine print for Not-for-Profit & Charitable sector. While the Government emphasised that the proposed changes would result in simple, stable and trust-worthy tax regime, the tax proposals for charitable organizations could have far reaching implications on their operations.

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New CSR Regime – Will It Be a Game Changer?

When the Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) regulations were initially promulgated in 2014, it was being viewed, by some segments of the society, as an attempt to shift the government’s responsibilities to Indian corporates. Some even termed it as forced recovery – akin to taxes & levies. Admittedly, India was the first country to introduce such requirements in legislation, with no precedence available.

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Make Your SAAS NPS Meaningful with a Customer Referral Program

So everybody is in love with NPS. NPS is an industry-accepted parameter of how a SAAS software is adopted, used, and recommended. Great statistic to show as part of customer success performance, investor presentations, and CEO reviews. But there is also an alternate debate going on in the SAAS world. Is NPS Dying? Is it just a mere statistic? What is the tangible benefit of NPS? How can it be measured?

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Is CRM Manager Key to CRM Adoption?

We all know the biggest reason for CRM failure is adoption. People at the top want reports, mid-level managers are busy in sales meetings, and executives don’t enter data because their seniors themselves don’t use the system. 

The best CRM implementation partners across products do their best in implementing the system. Companies also put their best foot forward by creating a committee that has representatives from all levels to ensure requirements are captured and the best system is implemented, but on go-live the story is different. So where does the answer lie? Is it in the designation above?

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