CSR – Thematic Areas Trends & Spending

A CSR thematic area is the most important constituent of a company’s CSR strategy. It defines the theme and series of activities in which the organization will do CSR spending, run programs & create the desired social impact and related upliftment. As per the Companies Act 2013, a thematic area qualifies for CSR spending if it is listed as part of activities under the Schedule VII of section 135 of the Companies Act.

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Open Source CRM – The Other Side of CRM applications

We recently evaluated CRM software applications for a client who wanted to avoid incurring user licence costs and has a team of in-house developers that he wanted to utilize for CRM configuration, customization and day-to-day management of the application. With the requirement set, we started evaluating Open Source CRMs as an option. The following piece throws light on open-source CRMs as an alternative to proprietary licensed CRM applications and lists down options that are available in the market

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Guide To Successful CRM Implementation – 5 Steps

According to various estimates, 50% of CRM implementations fail. Some analysts peg it as high as 70%. It’s ironic, however, that companies intend to invest in CRM applications as part of their top technology investments. This means that most organizations – even SMBs are aware of the benefits of deploying a CRM software but eventually fail to roll it out successfully.

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