CRM – Driver of Customer Acquisition and Engagement for EdTech Companies

With the Indian education system going the tech way – driven by online learning and mobile apps. Companies must track each learner from brand interaction to app downloads from subscription purchases & app usage to consuming learning content. Since the luxury of physical contact is missing, the brand must track each step of the student journey.

 The business model of EdTechs is driven by hyper-personalized digital communication. Therefore, traditional SFA-driven CRM applications fail to realize the desired outcomes.

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CSR Activities of Indian Corporates – FY 2021-2022

As a CSR consulting services firm, we work with many Indian corporates closely on defining and executing their CSR strategy. Many companies are doing great work as part of their CSR programme in the thematic areas of:

– Education

– Healthcare

– Environment Sustainability

– Skill Development

– Women and Child development amongst others

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How To Write a Good CSR Policy

Clients frequently ask us how to write a CSR policy document, which is one of our CSR advisory services. The simplest way to get started is to Google templates. Is that, however, the best approach? Organizations have different perspectives on their vision and societal contributions. As a result, similar CSR policies are not possible. A company should consider its vision, values, and the impact it wants its CSR programme to have on the community when creating a CSR policy. This will ensure that the CSR policy developed captures the true essence of the enterprise’s CSR objectives and is unique in every way.

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Marketing Strategy Consulting Firm – Why Hire One

Marketing strategy consulting firms assist companies in building and implementing marketing plans and go-to-market strategies. This group of professionals has experience working across industries and customer segments and have understanding of marketing approaches and value propositions. 

A marketing strategy consulting firm has a good understanding of multiple channels of marketing. Based on the industry, product offering, and target market, the firm can suggest and implement an optimum media mix that can benefit an organization across facets of brand awareness, marketing communication, business generation, and brand loyalty.

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How to get an Internal Buy-In for a CRM software

Most CRM implementations fail because users who should use the system do not do so. In most organizations, the need for CRM is driven by the top management to track marketing, sales and customer service. While senior management consumes information created by end users. Often, it is the end users who are left out of CRM selection and implementation.   

The success of a CRM project depends on the end user’s buy-in. It is vital to demonstrate clear value to all users (direct and indirect) by focusing on ease of use. Otherwise, CRM implementations have a high risk of failure.

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