Consulting Services Offered by a CSR Consulting Firm

The Indian CSR regulations are becoming more elaborate, which requires Indian corporations to adopt an appropriate approach and method for developing and implementing their CSR strategy. It goes without saying that a properly designed CSR strategy does more than just ensure compliance; it also has tangible and intangible benefits for the brand and the company.

A CSR consulting firm works with an organization to develop and execute a properly defined & structured CSR strategy which not only ensure compliance with the law but also enables the organization to deploy CSR programs successfully and reap benefits from it.

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CRM Consulting Firms: How to Choose One

The CRM software market has grown to over 52 billion USD as of 2021. CRMs such as Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft lead the market, while newer CRMs such as Hubspot, Zendesk, and Zoho are carving out their niche. The product software market has grown, and so have CRM consulting firms that provide CRM consulting services to assist customers in selecting and implementing CRM software.    

As a result, your options as a buyer in the CRM market have increased, which can be a positive thing, however, you have to know your way around the various options available & also select the right CRM consulting firm.

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