CRM Consulting VS CRM Implementation – Key Differentiators

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a vital tool for businesses to manage their customer relationships effectively. The success of a CRM system largely depends on how well it is implemented, managed and adopted. However, the process of implementing a CRM system can be complex and daunting, which is where CRM consulting & CRM implementation comes into play.

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CSR – Thematic Areas Trends & Spending

A CSR thematic area is the most important constituent of a company’s CSR strategy. It defines the theme and series of activities in which the organization will do CSR spending, run programs & create the desired social impact and related upliftment. As per the Companies Act 2013, a thematic area qualifies for CSR spending if it is listed as part of activities under the Schedule VII of section 135 of the Companies Act.

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Open Source CRM – The Other Side of CRM applications

We recently evaluated CRM software applications for a client who wanted to avoid incurring user licence costs and has a team of in-house developers that he wanted to utilize for CRM configuration, customization and day-to-day management of the application. With the requirement set, we started evaluating Open Source CRMs as an option. The following piece throws light on open-source CRMs as an alternative to proprietary licensed CRM applications and lists down options that are available in the market

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Guide To Successful CRM Implementation – 5 Steps

According to various estimates, 50% of CRM implementations fail. Some analysts peg it as high as 70%. It’s ironic, however, that companies intend to invest in CRM applications as part of their top technology investments. This means that most organizations – even SMBs are aware of the benefits of deploying a CRM software but eventually fail to roll it out successfully.

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Applicability of CSR – The Basics

The Companies Act, 2013 requires every eligible company in India to spend 2% of their profits on Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities. The company’s Board is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring proper compliance with the requirement. CSR activities, unlike traditional charity, should be carried out in ‘project mode’ in areas specified in the regulations. The regulations also require preparation of a CSR policy & an annual action plan for undertaking targeted CSR projects during the year.

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Do You Use Your CRM for Lead Nurturing

When we work with clients on CRM consulting projects, often the discussion starts around lead management, lead allocation, sales pipeline and reporting. Chats are limited to capturing leads from multiple sources and seamless allocation. Tracking of leads is limited to capturing the lead source and the campaign from which it originated. There is hardly any discussion on lead nurturing. As a CRM consulting services company, we believe lead nurturing (if done well) can vastly improve the lead-to-conversion ratio.

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CRM – Driver of Customer Acquisition and Engagement for EdTech Companies

With the Indian education system going the tech way – driven by online learning and mobile apps. Companies must track each learner from brand interaction to app downloads from subscription purchases & app usage to consuming learning content. Since the luxury of physical contact is missing, the brand must track each step of the student journey.

 The business model of EdTechs is driven by hyper-personalized digital communication. Therefore, traditional SFA-driven CRM applications fail to realize the desired outcomes.

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CSR Activities of Indian Corporates – FY 2021-2022

As a CSR consulting services firm, we work with many Indian corporates closely on defining and executing their CSR strategy. Many companies are doing great work as part of their CSR programme in the thematic areas of:

– Education

– Healthcare

– Environment Sustainability

– Skill Development

– Women and Child development amongst others

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